They were, those people, a kind of solution

The project They were, those people, a kind of solution is funded through European Union’s Creative Europe program.

Expert meetings and development of architectural model for Integration-intercultural Centre

14/06/2017, 08/07/2017, 14/07/2017, 18/07/2017

Following the initial 2-day workshop on Sljeme (Zagreb) two architects were invited to work on a creation of architecture model for the Integration-intercultural centre. They worked parallel with the meetings of expert team, where they were advised on the work they are developing, aiming to develop the functional and sustainable model of the Centre.

4 meeting of experts

1. 14/06/2017
Pogon, Zagreb: Live design workshop with independent cultural workers, youth, sport organization and organizations for sustainable development
2. 08/07/2017
Dugave, Zagreb: Consultations in the Dugave neighbourhood with the local community
3. 14/07/2017
CPS, Zagreb: Consultations with migrants and refugees gathered around the social co-operative Taste of Home and an migrant NGO African Society in Croatia
4. 18/07/2017
CPS, Zagreb: Consultations with CPS membership based groupe of volunteer which provide daily integrational support to refugees and asylum seekers in Croatia