They were, those people, a kind of solution

The project They were, those people, a kind of solution is funded through European Union’s Creative Europe program.


The Art Porch

Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm
05/07/2017 – 11/08/2017

Wednesdays–Fridays 13:00–16:00 2017 The Art Porch.

The porch at Tensta konsthall becomes a venue for young and old interested in art, crafts and handicrafts. There are sewing machines to use and materials to experiment with. Participants can bring their own craft projects from home or start new ones here. You can also try to embroider, sew, make friendship bracelets and keychains, as well as dye fabrics. This year, the workshop is led by Tensta konsthall staff Makda Embaie and Muna Al Yaqoobi.

The Art Porch is also hosted by various artists and crafters, and will include plant coloring and a kite-making workshop. Every Thursday, the local youth club Hjuset’s girls group will host guest games with exciting activities.